Sunday, February 15, 2015

art journaling of a sorts!

I really want to try art journaling. I've been collecting pins and sites and have read some books on it, but I just have no idea where to begin. My tangling book I actually bought to art journal in, and just never did so it turned into my tangling book instead (waste not, want not).

I just have no idea where to begin.

I know everyone says to just jump in, and that's great, but I've never painted before, picked up a paintbrush (other than a paint your house paintbrush!) before & have ZERO artist talent. I don't even understand what kind of paints to buy.

 I know everyone talks about watercolors, but like what are those?

What should they look like? What kind is good? where do I buy them? LOL I need an art journaling for dummies class....

So my long, long drawn out intro is to intro this... my lame attempt at art journaling...


The text includes my name, one of my current book series (Hunger Games), my goal for this year (Dream big), my favorite place on earth Acadia National Park, and the book I'm currently reading.

Filled in with tangles, of course.

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