Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday FO: marina cowl and cuffs

103I actually finished and photographed these items months ago, in September of last year. The photos were shared on Ravelry, the pattern put up for testing, and then... well... Christmas happened.

 I work in retail, and it always always is busier and crazier and more exhausting them I remember it being in previous years - and I've worked in retail a long, long time!

So today I share two items I made using my Marina Cowl pattern, which I'll be publishing on Sunday (and if you are just reading this now, the link will take you to the pattern).

The pattern comes in two formats - a traditionally written pattern, for worsted weight yarn, for a cowl in two sizes, or a template / recipe for making whatever you want, in whatever yarn you want!

The cowl photographed here - in white - was using the pattern as written, for the smaller size.

cowl cuffsI also used the pattern to make a pair of fingerless gloves - no shaping on these, just a straight tube.

I know - not everyone's cup of tea, but I actually really like this type of fingerless glove because they are so fast to make, and use such a small amount of yarn!

If and when the gloves are getting in my way of work (which happens all the time) I can just pull my thumb out of the whole & wear it as a cuff and I'm still gonna be warmer than not having them on at all.

You can see here I'm wearing them as cuffs, not as fingerless gloves.
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