Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Just a quickie drive by post to share a couple of Wips with you all! I was playing catch up on Ravelry and thought I should share with ya'll too :) My ravello - love this pattern! I've been wanting to make it for ages & I'm sure I'll make it again. I have a ton of pallette in my stash, so I can easily use up some of my odd balls for the stripes.

Progress on my #stripes #knit #knitting #sweater #topdown #seamless


Etude in stripes - really scrappy version! Anyone who follows me knows that I've been working on using up my pile of scraps. This is just one more attempt. I have a few balls of the blue I'm using for a main color, but the rest is just crazy stripes. I'm regretting the red-maroon you see - but I'm hoping it'll look OK once the whole sweater is done. I have more of that color & I'm thinking of using it in the sleeves.

etude in stripes

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