Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Top Crochet Shawl Designs

At the end of every year, I usually do a round up of things I've accomplished, what designs I've published, and all of that jazz, like the rest of the bloggers out there. *grin* Well, I never did that this year, and I thought I'd do something different - how about a round up of my top shawl designs (overall, to current date) :)

(for anyone interested, I currently have 55 shawl designs, both self published, in magazines, in Crochetvolution, and in books)

My fifth most popular shawl design...

Modeled by my Mom :)

Guile is a pretty, two color crochet shawl, designed with Dream in Color Perfectly Posh.

This shawl is crocheted from the bottom up for the body in the main color, and then the edging is picked up and worked from the top down, and is suitable for beginners.

We had a crochetalong & a giveaway, which I think contributes to the popularity of this shawl.

Fun Fact: It's one of only a few multi-color shawl designs of mine! (thought I do have several designs, both knit and crochet, that is designed for stash / scrap busting)

My forth most popular shawl design...

York Shawlette
Modeled by Me
Photographed by Hubby

York Shawlette!

One of my first shawl designs!

Despite the name, this shawl can easily be made any size. It's a basic, go to pattern, that's designed for using up all of that precious, beautiful, skein of yarn you don't know what to do with.

 It's also idea for self striping yarn, as you can see from the photo!

Many crocheters also use this as a stash buster.

The yarn I used for this shawl was dyed by me, using kool aid!

The name comes from one of my favorite places on earth, York Beach in Maine!

My third most popular shawl design...
three triangles shawl

Three Triangles Shawl (another freebie)

I love the story behind this shawl. I have a Ravelry group (Anastacia Knits Designs), where I host cals, do my pattern testing, we share photos, we chat, etc. A lot of my group make prayer shawls, and I had gotten the suggestion to make a shawl that had three triangles, instead of the more normal two triangles (a triangle shawl actually consists of two triangles). A three triangled shawl would sit better on the shoulders, and would be much warmer to wear.

The conversation then led to using up stash, and I combined the two ideas into this design. There's also a "dressier" twin version of this shawl - the same wonderful lady who asked me to design a three triangle shawl also wanted me to use a particular stitch, and so I designed Short Sands Shawl).

Next up!



Featured in Crochetvolution a few winters ago, my original version honestly didn't go over like hotcakes - I was stashbusting, like I always am, and the original design used a worsted weight white yarn (hence the name).

Snowdrop starts with just a few stitches, and is worked back and forth in rows, and worked sideways.

 Someone made it in a fingering weight version, and it took off like hotcakes! It's been used in many, many, many CALs (there's a current one going on now), and I am so, so grateful for each shawl that has been made - almost 500 to date! It blows my mind to see something that so many people have loved. This pattern is highly adaptable - you can use any weight of yarn, use up all the yarn you have, and make it any size you want, from a small shawlette, using lace weight yarn and a big crochet hook for an airy, lacey accent to your outfit, to a chunk yarn that measures 6 feet across that will keep you warm all winter!

Because this design was so popular, I just published a "lace" weight version of this one, also on Crochetvolution for free, called Summer Drop.

Snow Drop also has a chart, for those that prefer to use charts! :)

And drum roll please... my most popular shawl design is....

Half Granny Square Shawl

A top down, any weight, any gauge, any size, half a granny square (in other words, a triangle)

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