Friday, August 28, 2015

week two

 I mentioned before I'm participating in the mystery lapghan - I have one design due out in September, and I'm also trying to crochetalong - this afghan, and the around the bases cal as well. I'm hoping to manage a few lapghans so I can donate them to my local nursing home, so I'm making extras of the squares when I have time, and adding a few of my own as well.

So after the first two weeks, with six squares released, I've added to my pile:

Mystery lapghan cal squares
posy wheels- my favorite color combos of the bunch

Mystery lapghan cal squares
more posies - not sure I like the solid version (which I changed up a bit, using fpdc instead of a regular dc as written)

Mystery lapghan cal squares
borderline squares - I liked this one

I have not done today's square yet - on my list of things to do today!

I also managed to stitch up on my own
Mystery lapghan cal squares
quad color square - one of my other stand-by favorite squares I often make as "fillers" for my charity afghans

Next up: two squares of my own design. The pattern is in testing - it's a sideways/bias stitch square afghan worked in 'seed' stitch (though the particular stitch has many different names in the crochet community) - the pattern will be released shortly. The directions include making the pattern in any size, using any weight of yarn in any gauge, and you can make anything from these little squares, to a full size, rectangular afghan

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