Friday, August 21, 2015

week one

I believe I mentioned before I'm participating in the mystery lapghan - I have a design due out, and I'm also crocheting along - what fun to participate in someone else's cal for a change (I'm also doing the around the bases cal, too!)

I'm under no illusions I'll be able to keep up, but I'm hoping to make most of the squares. I'm hoping to make enough squares to make a couple of lapghans to eventually donate to a local nursing home, so I'm making extras of most of the squares (when I have time) and I'm adding in extra squares as well.

So after the first week, with three squares released, I've managed to make:

Lacy Crimson Square - easy version

Mystery lapghan cal squares
Diagonal Box Square
Mystery lapghan cal squares
Petite Purple Square
I also managed to make:

Mystery lapghan cal squares
chain stitch square - one of my favorites for using up bits and bobs of scrap yarn
Mystery lapghan cal squares
traditional granny

Mystery lapghan cal squares
"solid" granny - sorry for the blurry photo

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