Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Free Granny Square Designs - shawls, home decor, and more

Anyone who knows me or has seen my work knows I love granny squares! The very first pattern I learned to read was, in fact, a granny square afghan on the back of a yarn leaflet!

So I thought to kick off natcromo, I'd celebrate by sharing my FREE granny related patterns....

So, in no particular order, my FREE granny square crochet patterns....

Granny Square Rug

simple, easy, cotton Granny Square Coasters

I actually shared this one pretty recently - this is my Half a Granny Square Shawl, and was featured recently in my "most popular shawl patterns" round up.

Charity Granny Scarf - an easy pattern for anyone to make, works great for stashbusting too! Very easy to resize into a prayer shawl, if you like

I designed this and the next item on my round up because I was participating in a block a month group on Ravelry, and people kept mentioning that there weren't a lot of 6" square patterns out there. The other comment I kept hearing was that there weren't a lot of "solid" or "masculine" blocks, so I designed the BLO: 6" square to fill that need.

Since I did a masculine block, I had to girl it up and do a feminine block - the Simply EZ PZ square is another little 6" block.

This Ogunquit Granny is actually one of my favorite designs on the list - but the differnt shape isn't for everyone. It's a three quarter granny square, which makes the finished afghan always twice as long as it is high. Many of my testers worked the afghan until it was close to the size they wanted, then began working all the way around, to make it more "proportional". I find this size works really great for nursing home donations - which is actually why I designed it in the first place.

The Summer Triangle Shawl is a fun twist to a granny square - it forms an odd shaped triangle, but you can wrap it around you a million different ways and it will actually sit on your shoulders without slipping. I've always been a little disappointed that this design wasn't popular, because it's a great shape. It's published for free on Crochetvolution and you can see it on Ravelry.

Dear Granny, a simple market bag featuring granny squares, that I designed for a class (you can use it to teach your own students, too!). Another Crochetvolution pattern.

Alzheimer's Granny Square, part of an e-book of squares I designed last year for our Alzheimer's CAL. All the designs in the e-book are ripple or granny square related, and this is a traditional granny square.

I make an afghan every summer, using granny squares and ripple patterns (my grandmother's favorite type of afghans to make) that I make in memory of my grandmother & in honor of my uncle, Joel, who suffers / suffered from Alzheimer's Disease. 100% of the profits of the e-book go to support Alzheimer's research (along with my knit design, Around the Twist afghan, and another afghan that is in the works).

For anyone who is curious, the afghan is always made with lots of purple yarn because purple is the Alzheimer's color.

Time Slips Away is a sideways granny square and is also part of the Joel's Alzheimer's Afghan e-book, which is only $5.00.

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