Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cancer Afghan

If you've been following along the CAL, then you'll know this year I'm making two afghans for charity fundraising - the annual Alzheimer's afghan, and a cancer afghan for my friend Mo, who has lost several relatives to cancer, including her brother.

I used all of the same squares as I did for the Alzheimer's blanket, but used just one shade of purple (a brighter purple than the Alzheimer's square). Her cancer colors are also purple and white... so that was a lot of purple!

I joined the squares with the continous join as you go method, linked to before... and did a similar but different edging. I used the same bright purple I used in all the squares for the joining and the border. You can barely see the joining, can you?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Alzheimer Blanket

We're currently discussing ways and methods of putting together our afghans. I put together this year's Alzheimer's blanket using the continous join as you go method.

This method is a fabulous way of putting together blankets. I put together the blankets using the same 3 double crochet, chain one sequence used in most of the squares, so it looked like each square was bordered with a round of granny square.

I choose to use white as my joining color for one simple reason - I didn't have enough purple. I had plenty of white, so I used it for the edging as well.

Have you ever made an afghan using the continuous join? (Not to be confused with join as you go). I usually put together afghans with the latter method, because the continuous join method involves a lot of turning of the afghan.... and you have to use one single color for joining all the squares (as compared to join as you go, where that last round can be multiple colors)

close up of the joining and the edging...

What do you think of this year's fundraiser?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Alzheimer's Blanket

We're having a quiet week on the CAL - a chance to make all of the squares, a chance to decide how big to make the afghan, and a chance to figure out how you are going to put it all together.
It's not too late to join us - and I hope you do!

This is what I've been doing....

yup, I'm putting together my blanket!

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