Sunday, March 13, 2016


You know how you make all these plans... all these crazy, crazy plans, and then life gets in the way?

 My plan was to release two new patterns this month - one that would be free only during NATCROMO and one that would be forever free in honor of NATCROMO. Well, unfortunately, life has other plans. Both items have been long crocheted, but my life has taken a lot of different roads the last few years.

Most are fantastic, fantastic things - new church, new friends, and friends that have become my family, new adventures and experiences, work promotions, etc. But my health has gotten worse. The good news is I've finally got some diagnoses behind me - but now I need to find a doctor who doesn't believe it's "all in my head" and to continue to get better. (I have several chronic illnesses, including but not limited to CEBV, IBS, Lyme, TMJ, and depression, and most likely I've ended up with CFS as a result of the CEBV/Lyme).

 OK sorry, I got off topic. Enough of the excuses. So instead of the new patterns I wanted to put out this month, I give you... coupon codes LOL!! LOL... First of all... your choice of any one pattern from my Ravelry shop, yours free... no minimum, no fuss, no nothing. Please use coupon code natcromofree and head over to my Ravelry Shop.

Pick any crochet design you want, I suggest Anika, my most sold pattern...

Coupon code is good through Tuesday, March 15, at midnight EST.

While you are browsing my shop, I invite you to check out some of my many, many free patterns, and if you see some other paid patterns you'd like, why not take 50% off? Take 50% off as many patterns as you'd like in my shop - and this one is good through the end of the month, and you can use the code as many times as you want! As a matter of fact, to make your life even easier... no coupon code needed! Here's the twist however: It does not look like both codes will work all at the same time in Ravelry's shopping cart, at least I couldn't get it to work. So I'd suggest picking out your free pattern & using the coupon code for that, and then go back and buy your patterns, and finish the transaction.

Hope you enjoy your patterns and thanks so much for visiting!

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