Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday FO

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Not much to report on this week!

I finished my scarf - no photos & it's already given away - but I did manage to finish the mitten's for Jon's grandmother.

Unfortunately she now wants a matching hat & I don't have any more of this yarn, so I casted on another pair of mittens using the same pattern but a different yarn / color, so I'll have to muddle through another pair of mittens before I start the hat - she wants a slouchy beret type of hat.

#alzheimers #awareness #alzheimersdisease #scrunchies #crochet #crochetconcupiscenceI'm happy to knit a set for her, though!

My other FO is Scrunchies for Alzheimer's! If you follow me on instagram I've been talking about these a lot lately.

Anyone who knows me or knows my family, know that we are passionate about raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s -  Disease - last year we raised over $10,000 (I think closer to $13,000) , through a variety of methods, including some of my patterns, the Alzheimer’s blanket I design, make & raffle off, etc. I think this is the fifth or sixth year I've done a blanket and we've been doing fundraising for longer than that.

Scrunched for Alzheimer's This is one of my new ideas for this year - we’re planning on selling at a few flea markets this year & my parents started selling at a co-op, so I am making bunches of scrunchies & 100% of the money goes to Alzheimers.

The plainer ones are $2 & the fancier ones - fun fur, ribbon, etc will be $3.00. I’ll most likely make some beaded ones - no idea on a price for those.

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