Friday, January 23, 2015

blog party

I am participating this weekend in the biannual blogathon. If you follow me on instagram (hi! I'm anastaciaknits) then you'll know I ended up with pneumonia. Thanks to the wonders of antibiotics, I am finally able to breathe again (what a wonderful feeling!) but I have NO energy & cannot seem to get out of bed. I worked a total of 7 hours this week; it was all I was able to do :(.

 I've mostly slept, and by yesterday I had the energy to cast on a plain, stockinette stitch sweater, so I've done a little knitting in bed on that.

Today I feel well enough to do SOMETHING, though I still can't walk more than ten feet without getting out of breath. Sigh. So I figured I might as well try to get caught up on some blogging.
Over on the site, they suggest devoting 24 hours - not necessarily in a row - to blogging this weekend. Well, my goal is a lot less than that - I am hoping for maybe 4? (not counting reading) Remember, I'm recuperating here, and just sitting up in bed is taking a HUGE toll on my body!


So my goals for this weekend:

  1. Catch up on reviews. Not sure how many I'm behind on, but it's time to catch up
  2. Finish some reading, so I can catch up on more reviews. I've been almost done several books for two weeks, but haven't had the energy being sick to even read :( so hopefully today I can feel up to do some reading
  3. 3. Join 3 blog parties today, tomorrow, & Sunday, minimum
  4. network - I'm so, so bad at this! Visit other blogs, make comments, try to join in the twitter party this afternoon
  5. If I have the energy, then I'm hoping to work on setting up a blog planner & / or trying to work on a more set schedule &/or plan for the blog. Once it was a book review blog, then it was a craft review blog, then it was a craft blog, then it was a book / craft blog, now it's a whatever I feel like posting blog... sigh... 

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