Friday, December 12, 2014

It's official! I'm signing up for COYER! I admit it, I'm a reading junkie, and my reading has been off this year because I haven't had an official blog reading home. I've done some posting here and there, sharing reviews at goodreads and the occasional other blog, but you guys are going to get stuck with me again. I'm thinking about maybe creating a website, separating the different subjects I'll be blogging about, but for now, here goes....

I'll decide upon a more official list over the weekend, but for now, some thoughts upon what goes on my list:

(amazon freebies)

(from netgalley)

  • Daughter of the Reef

  • Slave Narratives of the Underground Railroad Christine Rudsel and Bob Blaisdell
I'll edit this list over the weekend when I have the time/energy to really go through my ereaders. 

If you join, please mention my name, so I can be entered to win a gift card to buy more books :)

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