Thursday, August 28, 2014

review: Comfort Crocheted Afghans

When I requested this book from netgalley (free, in exchange for my honest review), I didn't realize that this was just a sampler. They are now selling the same sampler on amazon - a good idea if you want to make just one of the afghans from the book, that happen to be in the sampler: Fish Ripples (a baby blanket which can be easily upsized), Marrakesh (with embroidery), and Serpentine (which is not to my taste because of the ruffles, but because it's made in sections, a lot of people will like this one). All afghans in the sampler - and I assume in the larger, full size book as well - are made out of Comfort (comfort afghans - get it?), a machine washable, soft, acrylic / nylon yarn.
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