Thursday, January 16, 2014

Butterfly Scarf

Introducing, the Butterfly Scarf!

I'm delighted with this design, because it really, really honors my grandmother. She was a fabulous knitter, crocheter, and sewer, making clothes for the entire family.

She was the one who started me collecting pattern books, and I was one of her favorite grandchildren because I could talk "crochet" with her.

Whenever I visited, I tried to bring along a wip for her to see. I still remember the day when I taught her something new - I was working on something - I don't remember now - and was working on a circ, but working flat instead of in the round. She had no idea you could do such a thing.

The thrill I had in that moment, that I could teach someone who I always thought knew EVERYTHING about fiber crafts... was amazing.

Anyways, my grandmother was a big threadie, she loved making doilies, wall hangings, tableclothes, bedspreads, you name it. She was always a little mad at me that I wouldn't use thread, had no interest in it at all.... So, grandma, this is for you...

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